“Crossing the barrier for more efficient reproduction and increased Take-Home Baby Rate”
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About Us

Vision: “The Company will strive to be a Key Player in reproduction healthcare, to enhance fertility and increase reproduction.”

FertiProt bases its innovative technology on evolutionary, chemical and biological properties of the fertility process and by enhancing both male and female potency through a non invasive technology for enhancing sperm properties and potential for fertilization using addition of formulated proteins. The unique formulation and technology will reduce the need for invasive and hormonal based treatments such as IVF, with a natural, easy to use and risk free process that will increase the chances of conception for couples with fertility impairment, either by enhancing efficiency of artificial insemination or through increasing conception chances for natural intercourse. The novel technology will also help with family planning for normal couples as well. The company will use proprietary methods to increase the chances of conceiving through natural means and artificial insemination both for normal and infertile couples.
The company sees the market of fertility impaired couples as a major unmet need as well as a field where innovation and originality might discover niches presently neglected by the biotech/pharmaceutical industry.

FertiProt is an R&D based company and therefore it is included within the new Israeli "2011 Law of Angels" by which any investment made in the company will be fully tax deductable!