“Crossing the barrier for more efficient reproduction and increased Take-Home Baby Rate”

FertiProt Suitable for "Law of Angels"

FertiProt is seeking small investments for company shares, and is in accordance with the new Israeli "law of Angels". I am willing to allocate shares of the company at 5% for each $50K investment.
Our medical device and therapeutic compounds are aimed at increasing THBR (Take-Home Baby Rate) for both infertile and normal couples (a huge market and unmet need).
It has been recently brought to my knowledge, as a law consultancy, that my company falls within the new Israeli "Law of Angels" by which who invests in an R&D based company as an angel, is entitled to a "full tax deductible" on the full amount (up to ~$1.2M), after 3 years.

Therefore, we are offering a private placement of 5% of the company for each $50K investment (up to 40% in total). An investment which might be very attractive, as according to this law you can receive up to 50% of your investment back, and still keep your share of the company.