“Crossing the barrier for more efficient reproduction and increased Take-Home Baby Rate”


Business opportunity/Market size:
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), it is estimated that ~10% of all couples are infertile and the same amount have fertility problems (borderline).
According to a rough estimation of the fertility window (ages of 20 – 40 = ~25% of the population), in the USA there are 30M couples of which 3M (10%) are infertile and another
3M (10%) have difficulties. 25% of these are unexplained and 20-25% more is due to non-anatomic causes (total of 3M). It is, therefore estimated that there are ~3M potential patients. With the addition of 1-2% of the couples that are normal but will use this product (for better planning, and reducing stress), the market size is estimated at ~4M in the USA alone. With rest of world (ROW), the number can be doubled (~7-8M).


To date most of the fertility enhancement market is based on established medical procedures. Hormonal treatments for ovulation stimulation and egg amplification (Pills/ IM Injections), seminal purification and IUI, Invasive procedures such as Egg suction, IVF and induction of implantation etc.
Alternative treatments include food supplements/vitamins and mechanistic devices.
There is virtually NO KNOWN competition for topical treatment for direct sperm motility/migration enhancement and fertilization rates before/during intercourse. Moreover, the treatment in IUI is fairly orthodox and does not contain new methods such as sperm enhancement.

According to this, to date, there is no known competition.

Fertility expert, Dr. Arik Kahane, said that: “There is nothing like it, and if there was, Fertility specialists would GLADLY suggest this to patients either before going into any conventional treatment, or alongside with advanced treatment, be it any state of any art...”